60 Minutes Profile on Unreliable PPE Suppliers

Dec 17, 2020

Many of you have experienced issues in securing PPE to keep your staff and law enforcement teams safe as they do their important work on the front lines. With countless purported suppliers of PPE who are failing to uphold their commitments to deliver, there are instances of PPE that is of such poor quality that it is unusable, orders that experience repeated delivery delays, and unconscionable price gouging by suppliers who are taking advantage of what they see as a lucrative demand-supply imbalance.

We know how important reliable PPE is because it is critical to our work, too. We have our own 6,000 healthcare workers in the Corrections industry who rely upon PPE to do their jobs.

This 60 Minutes episode underscores the issues that so many of you know to be real. Describing the situation as a “free for all market that has attracted speculators, starters, and scammers,” the story demonstrates the importance of finding a PPE source you can trust.

PharmaCorr has been in business for 24 yrs, and is a licensed pharmacy in 45 states. Long before the Covid-19 pandemic, PharmaCorr has been providing gowns, masks and other medical supplies to states and local government customers in the Corrections industry. PPE was not a fully new line of business for PharmaCorr, rather, we simply added critical product lines to our offering when Covid hit.

So here is our promise to you:

PharmaCorr has expanded its PPE platform

PharmaCorr has built upon its best practice platform in pharmacy services, with sophisticated sourcing, quality control and distribution capabilities to provide PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic to healthcare provider locations across the U.S. With fulfillment rates among the highest in the industry, our protected supply chains now enable us to expand the PPE offering in order to serve Corrections and other critical industries more broadly.

Source high quality, competitively priced PPE for your team on our website here.

While continuing to handle large procurement orders through the headquarters team, PharmaCorr has now launched an e-commerce site for direct ordering, which public-entity purchasing leaders can find at www.pharmacorr.com.

Providing quality PPE at competitive prices to organizations that need it most The upcoming flu season may compound ongoing Covid-related challenges, and supply chains may be even further stretched. As leaders in the Corrections industry, you require PPE Certainty. Maintaining regular operations and keeping your employees and those to whom you provide services safe is critical, so you need to know that you will receive the PPE you have ordered and that it will match the quality that you expect.

PharmaCorr is a trusted organization with a professional leadership team. We have been a responsible supplier to over 1,500 state and local entities across the U.S, and are licensed by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency.

The PPE marketplace is complex and lacks transparency. Different from most providers…