Oct 05, 2020


Oklahoma City, OK (Oct. 6, 2020)--PharmaCorr, a leading healthcare company with deep supply- chain experience and a track record serving state and local governments as well as large organizations throughout the U.S., today announced the launch of a division selling personal protective equipment (PPE) to organizations in long-term care, education, law enforcement, and other public entities. Agreements with protected supply sources have supported PharmaCorr’s PPE business to date and will enable ongoing expansion of this service.

Leaders in these critical organizations need certainty that their PPE supplies will arrive on time and meet their quality requirements,” said Peter Lee, president of PharmaCorr. “Historically, our sourcing relationships and distribution capabilities for both medical supplies and PPE have helped us to achieve 99 percent fulfillment rates on order versus delivery, even during the height of COVID-19 PPE demand. These supply arrangements also enable us to scale for larger orders and offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality.”

PharmaCorr is currently responsible for the pharmaceutical needs of over 100,000 patients across the U.S. In addition to providing regulated pharmaceuticals and controlled drugs, PharmaCorr has been providing PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic to healthcare provider locations across the U.S. PharmaCorr’s fulfillment rates are among the highest in the industry, thanks to its protected supply chains. While continuing to handle large procurement orders through the headquarters team, the company has expanded these efforts with the launch of an e-commerce site for direct ordering, which public-entity purchasing leaders can find at

For a quarter-century, PharmaCorr has provided quality, cost effective pharmacy services to meet community and national standards of care across the United States. That same track record of stability and certainty in pharmacy now extends to the PPE needs of these critical community organizations. “We are committed to earning long-term customer relationships with key service providers by going the extra mile and offering reliable quality and fulfillment for PPE at a fair price,” said Lee. “We are ideally suited to serve the needs of large community organizations; we do not sell to the consumer market.”

In addition to history and experience serving national companies, PharmaCorr offers customers the benefits of strong logistics. The company completed construction of an automated warehouse facility in early 2020, which now serves as the distribution hub for both PharmaCorr’s pharmaceuticals and PPE businesses. From this centralized location in Oklahoma City, PharmaCorr ships by common carrier to any U.S. location. The company will accommodate same/next day order deliveries on request. All PharmaCorr PPE products meet FDA, NIOSH and/or CDC guidelines and required approvals. To discuss PPE needs, product availability, or any additional questions, contact PharmaCorr Director of Sales Kent Cheese at 405.839.7773 or

About PharmaCorr

PharmaCorr has provided clinical services in its pharmaceuticals business since 1996, supporting more than 1,500 facilities and two million patient lives. PharmaCorr has established a recognized track record of science-based discipline, evidence-based guidelines, and innovative technology solutions, creating a holistic approach to patient wellness and community needs.