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The worldwide pandemic provided fourteen months of valuable PPE lessons


What should your department's new health crisis plan include?

It's not surprising that before 2020, PPE inventory would be an item most public safety procurement administrators could confidently check off the list. Prices were steady. Quality and authenticity weren't questionable. Availability was predictable.

Now, however, PPE is at the forefront of the procurement administrator's mind. With 14 months of lessons learned, a new spotlight on inventory control and storage management has pushed public safety administrators to create strategic preparedness plans that address how their departments can best manage inventory in the event of a future health crisis.

What Should Your Department's New Health Crisis Plan Include?

Each environment will have unique needs and should create customized plans for its specific community. The CDC provides guidance for many types of work environments here. However, as your specific response strategies are developed, Pharmacorr encourages sourcing departments to consider these components:

  • Identify which products are most critical
  • Determine how much inventory to have on hand (minimum of 1-month)
  • Plan for surge capacity Understand special storage requirements (temperature, humidity, etc.)
  • Maintain inventory health (some items expire and require tracking)
  • Plan for distribution logistics in a crisis
  • Maintain your supply chain relationship with a reliable and predictable solution provider

How does Pharmacorr help agencies maintain regular operations and keep its employees and recipients of public services safe?

  • We are long-established. Pharmacorr has been a responsible supplier to state and local entities for 25 years, providing care for two million patient lives. We are a licensed pharmacy in 45 states and also licensed by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency.
  • We have strong sourcing and distribution. Customers benefit from our sourcing relationships and state-of-the-art facility in Oklahoma City, the hub for PPE distribution.
  • We have a 99% fulfillment rate, even at the height of COVID-19 PPE demand.
  • We guarantee reliable quality. All Pharmacorr PPE products meet FDA, NIOSH, and/or CDC guidelines and required approvals.

For more information on this topic, or to connect with a team member about establishing PPE and pharmacy best practices in your department, visit our reach out to Jared Romine directly at