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Our sourcing relationships and distribution capabilities have helped us to achieve 99% fulfillment rates, even during the height of Covid-19 PPE demand.

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We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality Pharmacorr has a long history of providing clinical services in its pharmaceuticals business, supporting more than 1,500 facilities and 2 million patient lives served in our 24-year history. All Pharmacorr PPE products meet FDA, NIOSH and/or CDC guidelines and required approvals.

We are proud of Pharmacorr’s track record of science-based discipline, evidence-based guidelines, and innovative technology solutions, creating a holistic approach to patient wellness. This same rigor in our core pharmaceuticals business is applied in the sourcing of high quality PPE sourcing, ensuring that the product you order meets the specifications described.

Pharmacorr Background As a pharmacy leader for 24 years, Pharmacorr is dedicated to providing quality, cost effective pharmacy services to meet community and national standards of care across the United States. We have supported more than 1,500 facilities and have served over 2 million patient lives. In addition to holding pharmacy licenses in 45 states, we are licensed with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and are fully compliant with the Drug Supplier Quality Act.

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